Who We Are

Awareness Youth is an organization that opens our young adult's views of life.

Discovering greatness within, by engaging, supporting and providing opportunities to encourage and facilitate positive choices, while they improve on communication skills as well as responsibility during unforgettable adventures !

Quick Facts

Organizations in the U.S.A. who focus on our young adults have :

  1. Reduced annual number days in juvenile detention by about 1.4 million days.
  2. Cut the overall annual admission count by 49% . THAT’S ABOUT 90,000 ADMISSIONS !
  3. Documented juvenile crime falling by more than 40% on average, across all indicators evaluated.

Well-Planned and balanced , guiding as well as assisting our stakeholders in achievements by focusing on outcomes, community and sustainability.                                                                            THEY ARE OUR FUTURE!

There are 46 million young people, aged 8-18, living in America. 16 million of them are growing up without a mentor. That’s one out of every three young people who, outside of their family at home, don’t have a trusted adult who they believe they can turn to for advice and guidance. Of those young people, 9 million face a variety of day-to-day challenges that put them at-risk for falling off track.

Regardless if you are a one time contributor or a lifelong one, all your donations make a difference. But you do have the ability to choose your impact with our multiple donation levels.

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